Recently Rinpoche has mentioned that he hopes his students often practice in retreat. For many, it may be relatively time-consuming and difficult to regularly participate in group or solitary retreats for extended periods. An interim possibility for these students is to enter into a personal one-day retreat at home.

Virtual Achen Gar coordinates online or home retreats for Rinpoche’s followers in line with Rinpoche’s wish. We choose one or two auspicious days every month according to the Tibetan calendar and do online retreat (from home) according to Yachen/Achen lineage traditions. During the retreats, we together observe eight precepts and meditate together to deepen our practice and develop wisdom and compassion. In order to facilitate this retreat at our best, we host live teachings and stream pratice videos for group sitting on Zoom and unlock the limits of time difference and phyiscal space.

We will follow the Yachen & Achen tradition in which we start early in the morning however each participant can enter into retreat at his or her own pace at home flexibly.

Lama Rinpoche said ” To achieve the attainment of one’s own mind being in union with our Root Lama is what we should pursue throughout your life.’‘ Therefore, practise and realise the right mindfulness and awareness  guidance you received from your guru. Only through proper realisation is it possible to realise benefits from the teachings, to be liberated and obtain buddhahood.

Time:  June 21 -22, 2020. (The reason that we have picked June 21st to 22nd for the second home retreat is: June 21st is the Buddha Sakyamuni’s day and there will be annular eclipse(14:41-16:15 Beijing time) as well. It’s a very important practicing day in Vajrayana. June 22nd is another Buddha’s day. )

As it is over 2 days, it is acceptable if you take two x 1 day precepts or only one x 1  day retreat. You can choose according the registration form selections.

Main Practices:

  • 1.Observe right precepts
  • 2.Practice guru yoga meditation (4 sessions)
  • 3.Listen to Dharma teaching
  • 4.Practice Phowa (Optional, for those who have got the oral transmission)
  • 5.Dharma protector & Tsok offering (Optional)
  • 6.Other individual practice, such as the mani mantra recitation “Om Mani Padma Hum”

The Guru Yoga we will practice this time is the: Guru Yoga of Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche:  Rain of Blessings

We will send the detailed retreat schedule directly to participants  before the 21st, please register for the home retreat on the registration form using the following link

Registration deadline will be 11:00AM of 20th June.

You can also mail on or click “contact us” on the website if you have any questions.

Brief information for this retreat

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Texts and audios relevant to the retreat can be found here: